Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT)

NIMT is a technical institute offering training that is aimed at providing practical and technical skills required by mining, engineering and other industries. Training is mostly geared towards the attainment of artisan-level qualifications, with a focus on technical and supervisory skills, as required in the mining, manufacturing and engineering disciplines. Practical and theoretical training, as well as well-rounded general education, is provided. Students can enrol for apprenticeships as well for skills-upgrading courses (job experience required).

This institution offers classes to both full-time and day-release students. Training is offered in the following general disciplines: Fitting and Turning, Boiler Making/Plating, Diesel Mechanics, Auto Mechanics, Welding, Electrical and Instrumentation, Plastering and Bricklaying, Carpentry and Joinery, Plumbing and Sheetmetal Work. NIMT is situated in Arandis.

Contact address:

The Principal

P/Bag 5025

Swakopmund, Namibia

Tel.: (064) 51 0126/51 0138